Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hybrid Layouts – and what is Hybrid?

Hybrid scrapbooking is somewhere between traditional and digital. The actual definition I have been given by others is that if you created anything on your computer and print it and add it to your layout then its hybrid. So even if you do computer journaling and add it them its hybrid. I really don’t see this as hybrid because I have been doing computer journaling for so long, even before the term hybrid scrapbooking was invented! So my definition of hybrid doesn’t include journaling and printed titles. But that’s just me and really does it matter – its only a label being given to your layouts what’s more important is that you’ve done a layout and not how its done.

A second part of my hoIMG_4411 (Large)mework this week was the use of this title piece which said Beauty that I was to download and print. The only problem being that I’m using the class to help me work through a set of pictures that need to be scrapbooked and there was nothing that this title worked with. So I decided I wasn’t going to force a layout to use the title but would come up with a separate digital piece I could use to create a layout with the pictures I had. A few months ago I downloaded some ballerina clipart from one of the font sites – can’t remember which one now(remembered so thought I'd add it Lettering Delights). So I took the title word Ballet, a dancer and flowers which all matched sized them in Photoshop and printed them on wIMG_4412hite cardstock. With some careful cutting I created some elements to add to may page. I took several of the flowers and layered them with foam tape to give dimension. I then took a title which I’ve had laying around for a while, I think I paid a dollar for it, which was made of several pieces of chipboard and said She’s a dancer. I broke this apart so I could use it in my embellishment cluster as two separate elements. Finally I added all the pieces together with a grounding of an acrylic overlay with arrows to add to my page. In the end I was really happy with the way it came out, as was Eleanor.

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