Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Soccer Layout

Still working on this weeks homework for my scrapbooking class I'm taking. This week we're making embellishments for our pages from items we already own. Well I have plenty of things to choose from so that hasn't been a problem. I decided to start with making a soccer page and use some of the chipboard shapes we got with the dazzling die-cuts promotion in the fall. I colored the chipboard star using some rub-on metallic color stuff I've had for ages and used like twice. It really colors the chipboard well I just wish I had it more colors. I then added some chipboard soccer embellishments that I bought somewhere sometime to add to my star and T - this created my focal point embellishment fairly easily. We were meant to add it to paper clip but this didn't work for me. So I left that part out. Then I had to make a tag to match. So using my gazelle I cut a tag out of a cereal box and layered it with cardstock. Then I got the stamps out and added some words and stars before adding the matching smaller star from the dazzling diecuts set. Having now realised I can cut cereal boxes with my gazelle I can make my own chipboard letters so made the rest of the title using this and covered with cardstock also cut with my gazelle so they are a perfect fit. In the end I was really happy with the layout. Funny how sometimes when you start you have no idea where your going but in the end the results are pleasing. (Click on the layout to see a larger image.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

April SOM - Sample

Being a consultant I get the Stamp of the Months ahead of the time and this one has been sitting there not saying anything to me. I mean fish - who wants to stamp with fish not me for certain. I make it a challenge to myself to teach each month though using the set so my customers get to use it and see if they like it.

Well I need to make samples for April sooner or later and decided to start with the hardest first - the fish..........I used the masked frame technique which I shared a card for last month I think or was it in December now I think about it. Time flies while your having fun stamping. I hope you like what I came up with, especially if you come to my classes as you'll be making it in April. The colors are olive green, cocoa and indian corn blue. I had made the masked circle and then couldn't think what to do next with the open space on the right hand side of the card. I find most embellishment very feminine for male cards so struggled with this. Then suddenly I saw the fishing rod stamp and the fly and I saw how my fish could be jumping to catch the fly. Now I'm even thinking I could improve it again and stamp the fish again and pop it off the front of the card. Maybe I will have to try that.......

Added - Ok so I have added a 3-d fish. I think I prefer the card even more now. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scrapbook Store - New Find for Me!

The Crafty Scrapper in Waxahachie is my new find. What a great store. Two large rooms full of some great products. The papers are embellishments are kept together and in themes. The staff were friendly and informative. They even had some soccer papers which I hadn't seen (I thought I owned ever type there was!).

The drive from my house is just under an hour so not somewhere I will go every week but it was a nice adventure for Spring Break. The kids and I ended up spending nearly the whole day doing it as we ate lunch after visiting the store at the Chisholm Grill just up the road. Then we decided to walk around the square and found this great mosaic store. We were able all to choose our own design and make mosaic wall hangings. Philip made a guitar, Eleanor a peace sign and I chose the gecko. The price included everything you needed to decorate the item you chose. If you want you can come back the next day to finish the grout but we were able to take this home and that's todays job! You can check them out on their website. I'd love to plan a girls day to do this again Mosaic Shop Website

Friday, March 13, 2009

Flights of Fancy

I've started another online scrapbooking class with big picture scrapbooking this week. Not that I really have time for another thing in life but I do want to get scrapbooking more and it seems the classes push me to do it. The class is about scrapbooking on a shoe string or using up what you've got. The first assignment this week was too much for me - you are meant to do an inventory. AN INVENTORY - I don't think they realise the problem I have - this would have taken me every waking hour to do and then still I wouldn't have been done. Never mind the other things I should be doing this week. So I decided to give myself permission not to do this.

The second assignment was easier a layout. I can do that and that's what I want to do to reduce the picture backlog and the supply mountain. On the layout you had to use something that sparkles, something with a decorative edge and something that sticks. Well not too hard really - my sparkles are not very sparkly but the layout didn't need too much sparkle. The decorative edge I created using a punch I purchased the other week. Its a new EK success punch which is a wave with dots. Then I finally used a bird die-cut I had purchased which I first turned into a sticker using my sticker machine.
The journaling is using a new type of journaling from my latest scrapbook mag which suggested using analogies. The journaling of these bird pictures would have been rather hard if I hadn't used this way of writing. I think I'll be doing this more in the future. It allows you to write beyond the pictures really and make comments on life.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soccer Pages - Gazelle Digital Cutter with Funtime

Thought I'd share my latest scrapbook creation. When you have a son who plays soccer for 2 teams and for 2 seasons a year you have a load of soccer pictures and so to make it all look a little different you have to come up with something unique. Well I have my gazelle digital cutter which I can create my own cutting files for (if I have time). I decided to use some of my time at Basketball practice, forgot to add he plays that as well, to make a file for soccer. It took me a while as I've never done such a complex file but I made it work and this last weekend I managed to get it cut. This is the result - a great page if I say so myself and cheap which is important in these hard economic times. Cost 4 pages of cardstock - well maybe 8 as I messed up the cutting on a few until I had my settings working and everything. I get out of practice sometimes. Note to self use cutter more often as its cheap way to make pages when you have it all down.

If you have a digital cutter and what this file email me and I'm happy to share.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Creations From the Past

Several months ago I taught this dress card in my clubs (the picture below). Its great then at a later date to be shown something that someone else has done with the idea. This is the card designed by one of my customers daughter (the picture above) - isn't she talented (Sorry Tracye I lost the piece of paper I wrote her name down on - email me and I'll add it to this post). Its a party invitation. I suggested she'd do well as a consultant but she hasn't signed-up yet but you never know. She could help to pay her way through college doing this.

In my clubs this last month I offered everyone an incentive to create another project using what I taught them and if they bring it back the following month they'd earn a goodie from my goodie bag. Well I hope to share more ideas as the month goes on to show you how people have adapted what they learnt.