Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Soccer Pages - Gazelle Digital Cutter with Funtime

Thought I'd share my latest scrapbook creation. When you have a son who plays soccer for 2 teams and for 2 seasons a year you have a load of soccer pictures and so to make it all look a little different you have to come up with something unique. Well I have my gazelle digital cutter which I can create my own cutting files for (if I have time). I decided to use some of my time at Basketball practice, forgot to add he plays that as well, to make a file for soccer. It took me a while as I've never done such a complex file but I made it work and this last weekend I managed to get it cut. This is the result - a great page if I say so myself and cheap which is important in these hard economic times. Cost 4 pages of cardstock - well maybe 8 as I messed up the cutting on a few until I had my settings working and everything. I get out of practice sometimes. Note to self use cutter more often as its cheap way to make pages when you have it all down.

If you have a digital cutter and what this file email me and I'm happy to share.

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