Monday, March 2, 2009

Creations From the Past

Several months ago I taught this dress card in my clubs (the picture below). Its great then at a later date to be shown something that someone else has done with the idea. This is the card designed by one of my customers daughter (the picture above) - isn't she talented (Sorry Tracye I lost the piece of paper I wrote her name down on - email me and I'll add it to this post). Its a party invitation. I suggested she'd do well as a consultant but she hasn't signed-up yet but you never know. She could help to pay her way through college doing this.

In my clubs this last month I offered everyone an incentive to create another project using what I taught them and if they bring it back the following month they'd earn a goodie from my goodie bag. Well I hope to share more ideas as the month goes on to show you how people have adapted what they learnt.

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