Friday, February 20, 2009

Male Cards

Male cards are so hard to make and I had to come up with one today for Philips soccer coach. As many of you know soccer is big in our house and Philip plays on two teams. His coach has been his coach since he was 5 and as he's 10 next month so that's a while. The two families have become close friends as we all live on the same street although we never knew each other before we signed up for soccer. I wonder if we would be as close friends if it wasn't for soccer. Funny how live could turn out differently.

Anyways Jim has his birthday today and we off to eat Pizza at our favorite pizza joint - mama's

I realised I didn't have a card for him as I find male cards so hard that I didn't have any made ready to go. So this is what I came up with. Its using a technique I'm teaching in March called pierced spotlight. Its fun to do and I think it makes a cool card. I won't teach this card as not everyone is so soccer nuts but something more general which will suit all.

Have a great weekend.


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