Saturday, August 8, 2009

Points of View

Well the last assignment for my class was to look back at your life and journal about things you miss or don't do. Or to look at the differences in life. I found it hard to find the picture I wanted to use. My journaling about the differences in Christmas would have worked for this week as well but I wanted to push myself to do something else. So out came my recipe box. The box contains all those pictures that didn't make it into the scrapbook. I was flicking through the pictures, having a few laughs along the way when I found a not so great picture of Eleanor at dance. I had already looked through the pictures I had of my childhood and this prompted my page. I have so few pictures from when I was growing up - a few school pictures and that's about it. The picture that hadn't made it into her album could make it into mine to record that I did dance although there isn't a picture of me dancing.

I think sometimes we are afraid to put cream and white together but you know it actually works on this layout. You make have to click on the picture to see it but the title of the page is on the picture "Inspire to affect, to guide, or influence".

The goal of the page is to tell the children how important I feel recording their lives is for them. So that they will have something to look back on, to help them remember everything they have done as they have grown-up. The journaling reads "This may not be the best picture of you at dance but I just wish I had one picture of when I danced. I remember taking dance at the local community center and a dance about a bird but I’ve never seen a picture and don’t think they exist. I sometimes wonder why - I know my parents had a camera. It’s too late to ask now as there’s nobody left to answer the question. It’s not just dance, which I know I didn’t do for long, but also hockey. I played for five years but all I have is a school team picture. When I think back I don’t have any memories of my parents at the games. It’s very different in our household and I feel guilty when I have to miss something. What I do know is that you will appreciate looking back at these pictures, even the not so good pictures. I hope they will inspire you to take lots of pictures as you grow older of events we can’t be at. For us being part of your life and there on the side cheering you on is one of the most important things we as parents can do. Would I have been a different person if my parents had been there? I’m not sure…… but I would appreciate having the pictures to look at."

I hope I have inspire you as I was by this class to look at your pictures in another way and see beyond the obvious.

Happy Scraping...........