Thursday, May 7, 2009

Card Keeper with matching Cards - May Workshop

So I finally found time this week to pull together a workshop for May. I really thought I wasn't going to be able to do one as the clock has been ticking and didn't have anything designed. Luckily two ideas from other consultants came across my emails and I was able to adapt these and create a workshop.

A while back I did a workshop using the snapshot pages made by Close To My Heart (CTMH) to create cards. Since then CTMH has released new snapshots and they were begging to be used for a similar workshop. Thanks to Chris Green who provided the basic design idea I came up with 5 cards using the Perfect Day Snapshots (X8532) and the Botanical Fancy Cuts (X1405).

I had just completed this when Tresa Black shared on her blog a really cute card keeper. In a moment of inspiration, these are rare since I turned 40 so I have to mention it, I realised I could take the design she used to create a matching card keeper for my cards and I had my workshop.

The workshop will be held on Thursday May 28th at 10am at my house. One last fling before the kids finish for the summer. The cost will be $15 (tax and shipping included). For this you will get everything you need to create the card keeper plus five cards (with matching envelopes). You will have extra fancy cuts left over to make more cards at home. I'm sorry I can't do an evening class at the moment due to the cancellation of school events due to swine flu the back end of this month is crazy. I will offer the opportunity to purchase a workshop kit which will include everything you need plus detailed instructions. If you can't pick-up your kit there will be an additional mailing charge.

RSVPs required by May 14th to ensure we get the products in time. You will need to bring 12inch trimmer, scissors and adhesive of choice.

This card keeper would make an excellent end of year teacher gift - so if you want to order extra supplies to make more at home let me know. You can make one set out of 1/2 packet of snapshots.

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