Thursday, July 22, 2010

Snapshots of you - Dad

In January 2007 my Dad had a massive stroke and since them has spent his time confined to a wheel chair watching the world go by. I haven’t seen him since the last trip we made to England but I prepare myself for another step backwards in terms of what communication there is. Last time I visited he certainly recognised me but this time I’m not so sure it will happen from what my sisters report! Thanks to my mother-in-law I get to speak to him about once a month as she calls on her cell phone from the nursing home. I don’t know what he makes of this but I tell him I love him and we miss him and I pray that he at least understands the words.

I have been struggling with what to take with me for my next visit. The last few times I’ve taken T-shirts but really how many does he need. I send DVD’s for him and his visitors to watch for his Birthday and Christmas. So I wanted to do something different. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I’ve started playing with digital scrapbooking so I decided to make a layout for him which I will put in a frame for his wall. The pictures are all of him over the years. Some of my favorites from the pictures my sister Juliet got scanned by a company so we could have digital copied of them.

Dad (Large)

Supplies – Template No 19 Cathy Z, Notebook Edge Frames and KPertiet_Edges all from; Carina Gardner Distressed Urban from and jbarrette_shadowstyles from

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zaliesmom said...

What a wonderful gift for your dad! Give him a hug for all the daughters that no longer have their dads to hug! My dad always said......."We're not supposed to understand!"