Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blending Layers in Photoshop Elements

So today I decided I wanted to learn something new about photoshop elements and create a new digital layout. I had purchased the “How’d they do that?” – course called the perfect blend from ww.designerdigitals.com it was well worth the money. It comes with a digital paper, a digital brush and all printable step-by-step instructions. The only negative is that I’m using elements 8.0 and I don’t think its been updated for the changes so something’s were in a slightly different place than the instructions but it was easy enough to find them and continue to work. Once I had worked through the instructions I decided the best way to make sure I understood what I had learned was to try on my own to create a layout. This is the result.

Cat_women (Large)

Supplies –
KPertiet_EdgesPREV KPertiet_NotebookEdgeFramesNo3PREV ssd-memories-preview plus the Portauprince set I purchased for Haiti from Songbird Avenue.com

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