Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fast and Easy Layout

Yesterday I didn’t get to scrapbook so today I’m trying to catch-up yesterdays layout and do today’s – plus work, keep house and all the other things that go along with having 2 kids home for summer. Add the hubbie coming home to watch Germany via Spain, so I couldn’t scrap like planned this afternoon!

For Camp scrap yesterday May Flaum provided a great sketch from Valerie Salmon, a name I didn’t know but I’ve now added her sketch blog to my Google reader so I won’t miss any of her future sketches that she shares. First I will share my version of the sketch – this time it really is a straight take on the sketch. That’s the great thing about sketches sometimes you can do that just as they are, other times you can change it out to fit your pictures. This time as I was short on time I decided it would work for me just as it was! Taking about changing sketches out I recently bought a book on changing out sketches from Ella publishing. They sell some great e-books which you can download and print at home or read them on your computer. The following article is a great article about the book and using sketches – check it out by clicking here.

IMG_4679 (Large)

1 comment:

Lisa said...

what a gorgeous layout. so pink and girlie and perfect!
The sketch was great wasn't it? I need to get on with mine - I am really a bit behind but the Germany match was far more important to us here yesterday than scrapping - sniff, sniff - so sad they didn't manage to pull it off.
Anyway, love this layout and I had been thinking about the Ella sketch book so I might go over there and check it out again...