Thursday, July 23, 2009

I must be missing the dance studio

So last night I dreamed that they created a special part for me in this years nutcracker performance in a new circus scene. It was all so real. I really must be missing our near daily visits to the dance studio. Its a good job we start dancing again on Monday morning.
Many of the "big girls" (well that's their name at our house although how a ballet dancer can ever be described as big I don't know) have been away from home this summer at summer intensive across the world (yes a couple went to Paris!). So they got some mail while away I have made a number of cards. I have had so much fun recently though with my ballerina legs stamp which I got from Eclectric Paperie.
Here are 2 of my favorites - recognise the tutu skirt?? If not go back a couple of posts and you may notice this on one of my layouts. It was lying around on my desk and I suddenly realised that it would make a great skirt for the tutu. (Sorry there is a smudge on the sticker on the card - photographs show things eyes miss).

I have the vision of a scrapbook page with a whole line of these legs across the bottom, now just to find the correct picture to go with it.

Have a great day - and watch out you never know I may make by dancing debut this November as a "photographer" in the nutcracker......

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Ginny said...

Love the cards! Both my girls dance as well, we have had some July classes though. Otherwise they would be going crazy :)