Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Newsletter Day

Today I feel like I've been at the computer all day as I was updating my website and creating my July newsletter. (If you want to read it you can find it under events on my website for July). Finally got it all done and treated myself to some creating this afternoon. I've had all the stuff ready to make a scrapbook clock for a while so finally I sat down to work on that. Its drying now and then I need to seal the board once more before I had the clock movement. When its totally finished I'll share. I'm happy so far with the creation.

I've also been working on Christmas Cards - seems a little early in July to be thinking about this but I have classes every month now until nearer the time so people can get their cards done in batches. I always believe that Christmas Cards should be simple if your making lots of them - no more than 5 steps in total otherwise you'll give-up before you even start. Thats the reason I really like this one. Its only a few short steps and your done. Cut the paper, adhere the papers, Stamp the stitches, Stamp the sentiments and your done. You could do this design with lots of different papers using up some of your stash. To make it more of a 'holiday' card rather than a Christmas use blue hues, some snowflake paper and stamp warm winter wishes instead. I like card designs which are functional and simple like this.

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