Saturday, July 14, 2007

Finally the Cuttlebug Envelopes

Well the painters are finally finished and I can get to the camera again which was blocked in a cupboard by other furniture which meant I could access it. The place has been crazy with all the stuff in the wrong place so I'm glad to get everything back to normal a little.

Here are a couple of pictures of the envelopes I put through the cuttlebug embossing folder. As you can see it gives the envelope a really great texture which is so easy to do. On the red one I has to run it through twice as the flap was too large to do it in one go but it was easy to line-up so nobody would know. Now I need some more embossing folders to play with. One note of warning the word one didn't work as well I thought as the words went the wrong way (for me anyways). Have fun.

Today is the monthly crop that I run with Leslie - should be fun. I'm teaching the Christmas Card workshop as part of it as well. I promise to share some of the pages I make tomorrow.

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