Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Graduation Card

Graduation time is coming fast upon us and I have been requested to teach a graduation card for a class this month. Another CTMH consultant shared a similar card to this on our consultant Bulletin Board and I decided to use this as my inspiration. The card is simple to make and could easily be changed out with girly paper. I will try and do that later. But for the moment here's the boy version. Uses last months stamp of the month, card commentaries, simple stitches and rustic alphabet

Hope you like and that is inspires you to create one for the graduate in your life.

Talking about graduations. I can't believe how many times people graduate round here. I only got to graduate from my college. My son has so far graduated from pre-school and kindergarten and he's only 9! My daughter at 11 is graduating from 6th grade this month. Unfortunately we will have to miss the occasion as she has her dance recital but why do you graduate from 6th grade. Its not like you even have to pass a TAKS test or anything in 6th grade. You'd be better with graduation from 5th grade where you have to pass to move on. Enough I hear you say. I'm sure its the same in England now and that they graduate from different grades at school - I'm just jealous I know!

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