Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Imagine - Zoo Pages

Had the Cherish/Imagine Class today. Its one of my favorites as we're all friends have some time to make scrapbook pages. Its scrapbook therapy really as we all get to catch-up with what going on with every ones life and issues!
I was working on Zoo pages today ready for some pictures from our summer trip last year. So this evening I have worked on getting some of the pictures on the pages and adding some embellishments. The layouts in Cherish and Imagine are so great because you can really make your pictures fit easily even when you did the layouts with no reference to the pictures you had. This layout was meant to have 3 much smaller pictures than I added plus one large picture which I didn't have. The orientation of the elephant and the kids worked together so then I had to come up with something to tie them together and because I love elephants and think they are cute did a comparison of cuteness statement - and pulled the page together with just this sub-title.
I was also finally able to do some sewing on my page as I got the sewing machine fixed. The machine was a 21st birthday gift which hadn't been used in a while so needed just a once over at the repair shop. It works really well and I will be doing more and more sewing I'm sure on my pages as its so much fun to do. I recommend sewing highly to everyone as a great addition to the scrapbooking tools.

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